How to use the E+L Spare Parts Shop

1. Registration

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Click the button „Create a company account“ to start your company registration.
  3. Fill in your company information, legal address and personal data and click „Submit“.
  4. You will receive an e-mail in which you are asked to create your password.
  5. The E+L shop team will process your registration inquiry within the next 3 working days.
  6. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with your account status.
    If your account status is active you can sign in with your login data and start using the E+L Spare Parts Shop.

2. Order process

  1. Before placing your order, sign in to your E+L Spare Parts Shop account. If you don‘t have an active account, follow the instructions in section 1. Registration.
  2. Visit our website for more information on our products. 
  3. Use our various search options to find exactly the spare parts you need:

    Search for material number, product name or even your order number. Find more information about search possibilities in section 3. Search.

  4. Take a look at our spare parts lists for an overview of all spare parts that are available for a specific product.

  5. After finding the product you are looking for, define the quantity you want to order and click the button „Add to cart“.

  6. Proceed in the same way with all the products you want to order.
  7. In the top right corner you will find the shopping basket symbol. By clicking „View cart and checkout“ you can find a summary of all products in your shopping cart.
  8. If available, you can add the product ID to each position to help us configure your product accordingly.
  9. Click „Proceed to checkout“.
  10. Enter your shipping adress and choose a shipping method.
  11. Specify the payment details.
  12. Click „Place Order“. Your order will be processed.

3. Search

There are different ways to find what you are looking for.
There are two search fields in our E+L Spare Parts Shop: „Material search“ and „Order number search“.

In this field you can search for the material number. You can find the material number on your order confirmation, your invoice or on the E+L type plate on the product.

In this field you can search for the order number. All spare parts available for the products you ordered in this specific order will be listed. You can find your order number in your order confirmation or your invoice.


Where to find your search terms


Order confirmation

Find material numbers and your order number.

1) Material number

2) order number


Find material numbers on your invoice.

1) Material number


Type plate

Find the  material number on the E+L label on the product.

1) Product type

2) Material number

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